StarlitChaos (starlitchaos) wrote in verbal_warfare,

Up to the challenge?

I should hope so. At the very least I'd like to see SOMEone step out of the shadows and come up with something witty. And for the LOVE of GOD... insult me with something that DOESN'T date as far back as your first year in middle school, or would absolutely apall the censors for ANY daytime television show.
Keep it clean. Though, I'm quite aware all of you have already failed considerably, after all, it's difficult to maintain cognitive thought, while flipping through myriads of porn-sites, AND typing with one hand. I'd tell you to applaud yourself for you. "skill"... but, obviously that's a bit... beyond you at this point.
Meanwhile, really... you call this place verbal WARFARE? All I've seen so far is a bunch of lone-soldiers dancing around a feild with the barrol of thier guns shoved firmly up their behinds. No one's BATTLING, they're merely growling like the pathetic, drooling, caged animals they are, TRYING futiley to come up with something that requires more insight than... "Your MOM..!"
As hard as it is, children, DO TRY... it's people like YOU that make people like me measure their necks for a proper noose by the age of 18. Possibly, in death, this idiocy will depart. Unfortunitely... while life is short... ignorance lasts forever...
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