Not blind, not deaf, but definitely dumb. (seris) wrote in verbal_warfare,
Not blind, not deaf, but definitely dumb.

Oh please, challenge me, FOOLS.

I don't understand the point in keeping this weak cummunity up anymore. Nobody here has the GUTS to throw some really crude remarks out there; nor do they have any good points thrown out ,except for the usual, " Did I just just hear a bee buzzing, or was that you being a total RETARD!?". I'm just gonna be blantently obvious and straight-forward with you. YOU GUYS SUCK. I want to see one person out there who has some level of dignity to toss me a good insult, one that's witty, and get my blood boiling, not this stupid-ass crack-head shit that I keep seeing. It's amazing how completely brain-dead you all are, you guys are SO numb in the head that you don't know whether you're talking and insulting rather than farting and ripping bloody diareah. Yeah, that's how incredibly dillusive you fools out there are. That's all I have to say; I think I've won this battle.
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